Wood pallet headboard DIY

Hello everyone!
I am so excited to share this awesome DIY project with you – a headboard made out of wood pallets!
When my boyfriend and i were planning on moving in together and figuring out what we have for as far as furniture, we have decided that it would be cool to make something ourselves, so one Saturday morning, as we were yard saling around town we saw this cool pallet by the dump and took it…so the only things we had to spend money on was wood stain and paint brush.

So…step one is to take the wood pallet apart, but don’t go for the pry bar right away as it tends to split your pallets in half while you are trying to remove the nails. The way Ryan (my bf) did it, he took it apart by using a saw to cut the nails and then removed the ends from the holes so that we could reuse those holes.

After you took it apart it is a good idea to sand the wood with a Black and Decker Sander which is very easy to use even if you are one fragile woman. We didn’t want it to be super smooth but smooth enough to not get a splinter.

After sanding we decided to stain the wood. We used two different shades, Classic Oak and Pecan, in fact, it was a 2 in 1 stain and protector. Let it dry, it dries very fast and while it dries decide on the pattern and the size of your headboard. For our queen size bed we went with 47 inches high by 72 inches wide, we also traced a pattern on the piece of paper since we wanted to stagger the pallets. You will also need a couple of long flat boards to use as the back support (you need to screw your boards into something unless you are just using the long boards and not the stagger design) and also the feet of your headboard

After the pallet boards are dry, lay them out on the ground just as you want your headboard to look like, and then screw the boards one by one to the back boards, using the existing holes. If you cant use the existing holes, make sure you drill the hole first and then put a screw in, if you put the screw in without drilling the hole it will split your board in half.

So here is what our finished Wood pallet Headboard looks like. I am planning on personalizing my side of the bed and Ryan has already clipped a picture of us to his side :)

Stay tuned for a Matching Wood Pallet Night Stand DIY :)


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